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The ideal way to achieve financial freedom is through entrepreneurship. Having a monthly job is a good thing, but this may be relatively unreliable. The danger with employment is that you can be retrenched anytime especially with the current global economic recession prompted by COVID 19 pandemic. It is a good idea to think of another source of income to supplement your salary. This can come in handy particularly at a time where job security is cannot be guaranteed. The good thing with a side hustle is that it allows you to create career change opportunities something that you may never have achieved at your full-time job. You contribute to the creation of new jobs make new friendships and long-lasting relationships with customers, supplies, and employees. It is worth noting, however, creating a successful side hustle from the ground requires determination, resilience, and sacrifice. This is because it takes time to build customers’ trust, identify good supplies, and accustomed to the new way of life. Nevertheless this guide help you identify some side hustles you can pursue your financial freedom.

One of the legit side hustle you can think of is online freelancing. Academic writing for example tops our list because it is easy to start and requires few resources to start. All you need to start online freelancing is a computer, electricity, and reliable internet which are basic things almost everybody owns. The primary thing you need to be successful in this side hustle is good grammar, and the ability to logically solve problems in realistic and simple ways. However, online freelancing demands proper time management, high level of discipline because most time assignments come with a strict deadline and high-quality demand. Such demands can take a toll on you and if you are not determined enough you can give up. Fortunately, it becomes easy as you get used to it because quality improves with time.

Running paid promotions on social media platforms is another simple and legit side hustle you can start. There many companies looking for people who can promote their products or services on social media. Although the payment is not high as in the case of online freelancing such as academic writing it can be a good source of income besides your main job. All it needs with this hustle is patience and consistency. When you start this hustle make sure you have followers on social media because this is what major brands are looking for when hiring social media marketers or influencers.

Selling products or services online is another promising side gig you can start. You can buy or make products and sell them online without opening a brick and mortar store. Take advantage of the internet and connect suppliers with customers. The good thing is that there are major websites that can host your products or services for free. This allows you to get customers or suppliers anywhere in the world. There are numerous side hustles you can start but those are some of the legit ones we have identified.

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